Fuji FRENIC Lift LM2

In 2005, Fuji Electric designed the first FRENIC-Lift inverter to fulfill the requirements of lift applications. FRENIC-Lift is nowadays the most preferred inverter for lift applications. By using the experiences in the market, we have now developed the upgraded version of FRENIC-Lift: smaller but smarter.

Book type frame up to 15 kW, Dual Mounting
Feed through mounting with IP54 heat sink (book type)
Removable input and output power terminals (book type)
Easier rescue operation with 24 VDC power supply for control board (book type)
Contactorless solution compliant to EN 81-1 + A3 and EN 81-20
Different energy saving levels according to ISO 25745
Built-in EMC filter
Built-in advanced fieldbuses dedicated to lift applications (CANopen CiA DSP 402 & 417 and DCP 3 & 4) (*coming soon)
Faster speed and current control loop for easier and faster comfort adjustment
Removable control terminals
Two new motor control modes: Vector control with peripheral PG, sensorless vector control for rescue operation (PMSM) (coming soon)
Several certified functions for safety operation
New software functions to make easier setup
Customizable logic capability (PLC function)

Option cards

OPC-PR: for encoders with SinCos incremental signals and SinCos absolute signals
OPC-PS: for encoders with SinCos incremental signals and serial communication
OPC-PSH: for encoders with SinCos incremental signals and serial communication plus Hiperface protocol
OPC-PG3*: for incremental encoders with open collector/push-pull (*coming soon)
OPC-PMPG*: for incremental encoders with line driver signals  and 3 channels (U, V, W) for absolute position detection (*coming soon)

Fuji FRENIC Lift LM2
Fuji FRENIC Lift LM2