Fuji FRENIC Mega

FRENIC MEGA is the new High Performance inverter from Fuji Electric and is the successor of G11S inverter. The capacity range of FRENIC MEGA is for 3 ph 400 V supply from 0.4 kW to 630 kW and for 3 ph 200 V supply from 0.4 kW to 110 kW. The overload capacity of FRENIC MEGA is 150% for 1 min and 200% for 3s (in High Duty mode). The inverters with capacities of 5.5 kW and above can be used in dual rating; this means that the same inverter can be used for next higher capacity (in Low Duty mode). For example a 5.5 kW inverter can be used for a 7.5 kW motor; in this case the overload is 120% for 1 min. The braking transistor is included as standard up to 22 kW units and is optional up to 110 kW units. The braking resistor is included as standard up to 7.5 kW units.  


    • The main features of FRENIC MEGA are:
    • Safety enable input (compliant to EN954-1 category 3)
    • Built-in EMC filter for all capacities (compliant to EN 61800-3, category C3)
    • Sensorless vector control mode (100% torque at 0 Hz)
    • Advanced PID functions (dancer control)
    • Brake control function
    • Logic gates for logic combination of input and output functions and delay timer (10 steps)
    • Positioning function (when encoder option is used)
    • 3 slots for 3 different options at the same time (encoder, fieldbus, I/O expansion)
    • Removable control terminals (cage clamp type)

    The available options of FRENIC MEGA are:

    • External EMC filter (footprint up to 22 kW) for higher EMC compliance (EN 61800-3, category C2)
    • Basic LED keypad with built-in USB port and copy function (1 complete function set, operation, maintenance and alarms information)
    • Advanced LCD/LED keypad with clear text description and copy function (3 complete function sets)
    • Encoder option for HTL encoder
    • Encoder option for Line Driver encoder
    • FieldBus options for: ProfiBus, DeviceNet, CANopen, Ethernet I/P, CC-Link and T-link.
    • Analog inputs/outputs expansion card
    • Digital I/O expansion card
    Fuji FRENIC Mega
    Fuji FRENIC Mega