Fuji FRENIC Aqua

FRENIC-AQUA is the first slim type inverter dedicated for a variety of applications of water supply and wastewater treatment system from Fuji Electric.This new series follow European trends keeping high Japanese reliability. Specific functions to prevent damage on the systems and new energy saving functions are installed as standard, positioning FRENIC-AQUA as one of the top high performance inverters on the pumping application market.     

    The main features of FRENIC-AQUA are: 

    • Wide capacity range from 0.75 to 710 Kw
    • IP21 & IP55 with same dimension
    • DCR Reactor and EMC filter built-in up 90 kW. Built-in EMC filter for all capacities
    • 4 different pump control modes as standard
    • Specific macros for common pumping application
    • New Energy saving functions
    • Customizable Logic (PLC), 13 steps, possibility to manage also analog inputs
    • 1 process autotunnig PID and 3 external PID to control and manage: sensors, valves, etc.
    • Unit conversion function (kPa, bar, l/min, etc.)
    • Real Time Clock (RTC)
    • Overload capability 110% and Torque Vector control
    • Friendly Keypad with big LCD display, 19 language + user customizable language

    The available options of FRENIC-AQUA are:

    • FieldBus options for: LonWorks, Ethernet, Profibus, DeviceNet, CANopen, CC-Link
    • Analog inputs/outputs expansion card
    • Digital I/O expansion card
    • Pt100 temperature sensor input card
    Fuji FRENIC Aqua
    Fuji FRENIC Aqua